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nothing will be done owing to divided counsels Therefore
when the wise men of our court, having understood (what is
good to the st;<te) perform any work, we should be considered
to have acted independently.5' In this manner he meditated
deeply over the matter.
One day, the Raya left the palace, as if he were going to
inspect the city according to his custom. He reached a place
at a distance of twenty miles where there was a temple, and
asked the priest (nambi) for some water. (When the water
was brought), he cleansed his teeth, washed his face, and put
on the caste-mark. Then he obtained some cakes that had been
previously offered to the deity, and having consumed them, sat
in the place.
That morning Saluva Timmarasa went according to his
custom to the palace and enquired whether the Eaya had
awakened from his sleep. He learnt from the annagals *, nurses,
house-maids and ladies-in-waiting that the Raya who left the
palace on the previous night for his customary inspection of
the city had not yet returned. So, he ordered that they should
inform all people who might inquire after the Raya that owing
to a headache he had not yet risen from his bed. Then he went
to the front of the audience chamber, and seating himself there,
he despatched spies in all directions to discover and report to
him privately of the whereabouts of the Raya. The spies made
enquiries in all places. A spy who was an expert in making
investigations came to Saluva Timmarasa, and said that the
king was sitting alone expectantly gazing towards the city in
the temple of Pallikon^a Ranganatha at a distance of twenty
miles to the north of it. Appaji despatched at once letters to the
nobles, chiefs, and amara-nay(ika$, commanding that they should
hasten with all their retainers to join the king who had started
for hunting. And lie himself left the city in advance of the
rest. Consequently all the cavaliers, mahouts, fbot-soldiers>
attendants, nobles and chiefs who were in the city also started
without delay.
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